Individual Write-on eWorkbooks

Now Available via the i-Rite app

Sigma Publications is proud to announce a partnership with 'i-Rite' who will make our titles available via their 'write-on' app as eWorkbooks on both Apple and Android tablets.

i-Rite is a free app available to users via the Apple-store for iPads and Google Play for android tablets. Just visit these sites to download your free i-Rite version, then from inside the app you can purchase Sigma's workbook titles in eWorkbook format, BUT, you can also use a tablet stylus to 'write-on' your touch-screen, just like a paper workbook! A student's work can then be saved and emailed to the teacher!

A real electronic 'write-on' workbook at last. Student's work stays with them for future reference and does not disappear, while the hand-eye coordination of the touch screen and stylus has proved to aid the learning process. It is also possible to have this app work on chromebook devices using the keyboard.

The first group of Sigma workbooks converted to eWorkbooks are now available from the i-Rite library. The price is US$11.99 per title (about NZ$16.90 compared to the paper book's retail price of NZ$17.95 and $18.95).

Sigma eWorkbooks currently available (more to follow shortly) :

Dragon Maths 4 for year 6 students 

Dragon Maths 5 for year 7 students                       Action English 5 for year 7 students        

Dragon Maths 6 for year 8 students                       Action English 6 for year 8 students

                                                                               Action English 7 for year 9 students

                                                                               Action English 8 for year 10 students

BYOD Classes - Sigma Workbooks as PDFs

User Licenses Now Available To New Zealand Schools

Throughout 2016 Sigma Publications has been trailing the use of interactive PDF files with a BYOD class at Tauranga Boys College under the direction of DP Rob Gilbert. This trial has proven highly successful for both the students and the school as they progress towards a full computer-based learning environment. The boys first started working on Sigma's Action English 7 workbook using the PDF editor 'XODO' but during the second half of the year Rob changed to Microsoft's OneNote.

The result of the BYOD trial for Sigma has been a decision to make our workbooks available as interactive PDFs to New Zealand schools in 2017. Our resources will now be available on an annual licensed-user basis for a price of NZ$10.95 per student user (class groups only). Further discounts may be available to schools purchasing both an English AND a Maths PDF workbook for each student.

If you have BYOD classes at your school in 2017 you need to contact us. Interactive PDFs have the advantage of working on a range of PDF editor programmes using a full range of personal devices and operating systems. Don't settle for 'play-time' Australian or US content. If you want your BYOD students to use proven top quality workbooks written exclusively for our curriculum and with New Zealand content, contact us.

For further information on the licensing process contact Vanessa :


or Ph 0800 274 462