Intermediate English

Sigma’s Action English Workbooks

Years 7 and 8

A complete written language skills building programme

Workbooks 6 and 7 of Sigma’s best-selling ‘Action English’ write-on workbook series cover the full range of written language skills needed by intermediate students. Each workbook develops a part of the New Zealand English curriculum.  These write-on titles contain 140 pages of homework or classroom activities, filled with New Zealand content and assisted by drawings, diagrams and photos. The series is themed with funcomic super-heros  – preteens will enjoy them!


Action English books include the following features:

  • English skills instructions boxes
  • ‘See and Do' worked examples
  • Chapters on : Word Classes, Written Language, Punctuation, Dictionary Skills, Language Skills, Spelling, Research Skills
  • A full set of removable answers
  • Maori language component
  • Loads of illustrations – fun superhero theme

For Teachers

The Action English series provides a sequential set of write-on workbooks for teaching resources for students in Years 7 and 8, so that other titles in the series can be used for remedial or advanced students. Each workbook covers the following English curriculum strands : Word Classes, Written Language, Punctuation, Dictionary Skills, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Reading  Skills and Research.  Most of the pages contain instruction boxes and worked examples to help students with independent study - e.g. homework or group work in class. Action English workbooks will give you the confidence that you are delivering material at the correct level of the NZ English curriculum to prepare your class for secondary education. Sample Books are available for teachers.

For Parents 

Each ‘Action English ’intermediate English workbook features simple instruction boxes with easy examples that illustrate a question and answer on every page.  By using the instructions as reminders of the rules and methods of written language, you can know how to help your child with their study if they need it. Action English workbooks allow you to do something really positive to assist your child’s learning at home. They’re interesting, absorbing and fun to do for, and with, your child. See below for our catalogue.  See individual book details pages for sample pages and content.

ACT5 Action English Workbook 5
ISBN 978-1-877567-20-9
Author : Lorraine Davis   ‘Action English 5’ is a write-on student workbook that contains a complete written language programme suitable for most Year 7 students. The second edition contains eight chapters and 140 pages and covers the full range of key literacy skills as prescribed in the New Zealand English Curriculum document; specifically, this book revises Level 3 and starts Level 4 of the curriculum. 'Action English 5' contains skills building exercises as well as topic instruction, definitions, worked examples, 'mind-mapped' chapter overview pages, chapter tests and a full set of removable answers. This enables most students to work… Read More
  • 1-2: $19.95
  • 3-19: $18.95
  • 20+: $15.95